It was reassuring to hear from Nigel West, at a recent Dawlish Garden Society meeting, that most people don’t need specialist equipment to take a good photograph – a phone will do!
What is vitally important however, is a tripod or mono pod to hold the camera steady to prevent shake which may spoil an image. Usually made of aluminium they are lightweight and inexpensive to buy.

Moving on to the types of images anyone would want to record, Nigel informed us of the basics of a balanced picture, Foreground, Middle and Distance with a connection to link all three taking the eye through the whole image.
Taking close ups can add a different dimension, so too can the height the photo is taken from – it may give a different perspective. Time of day matters too, early sunrise or a late warm glow from sunset for example may add interest.

After showing us many images during his talk, Nigel told us to look around and see for yourself what images please you. He planted the idea of perhaps joining a camera club to gain experience and expertise while sharing your images with others.

After a summer break, the Dawlish Garden Society next meet at the Manor House September 27th at 7.15